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FenCon and Vadercast

Vadercast has posted their latest podcast called The DO's of Convention Organizing

FenCon V's Conchair, Russ Miller, participated in the podcast.


"Our first live show on Talkhoe! With things settling down around Fedcon USA, it was important to us here at Vadercast to do a show about how a convention should be run. We have had the best example of how NOT to run a convention come through DFW, now its time to let the pros speak out. We have Mark Walters from Sci-Fi Expo and Dallas ComiCon, Todd Carlton from All-Con, Russ Miller from Fencon, and our own Cole Houston who, along with Catherine, organizes the APOTAC’s Comic Toy and Collectable Swap Meets. All are local to the DFW area and have multiple successful conventions under their belt. For any and all who are looking into or just want to know some of the behind the scenes info about convention organizing, most definitely check out this episode."
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